The Art of Body Sugaring Hair Removal

Experience for yourself the Art of Body Sugaring Hair Removal; The Advanced Technique of hair removal from our Master Body Sugaring Experts – a much more gentle method of hair extraction.  Diminishment of hair regrowth that is extracted in natural direction of growth… leaving smooth, longer lasting results! Sugaring is hypoallergenic, and excellent for eczema and psoriasis.

Upper Lip* $25
Chin* $26.50+
Full Face* Includes Brows $75+
Full Face* Excludes Brows $65+
Eyebrow Shaping $35
Eyebrow Maintenance** $29
Bikini Line $65
Partial Bikini Line $75
LA Bikini (Brazilian) $89+
LA Bikini Maintenance** (Brazilian) $79+
LA Male Bikini (Brazilian) $99+
Chest $75
Buttocks $35+
Feet $20
Forehead $22
Abdomen $37+
Lower Back $47.00+
Upper Back $59+
Full Back $89+
Underarms $28
Half Arm $55
Full Arm $75
Lower Legs $75
Upper Legs $75
Full Legs $130+
Nose $20
Side Face $27
Ears $25
Breasts $30+
Hands $25


* Includes cold compress and Mineral powder application upon request 
**denotes service must be provided within 4 weeks of original treatment.